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K.A. Applegate : The Invasion (Animorphs #1)

Autor: K.A. Applegate
Titel: The Invasion (Animorphs #1)
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Sprache: Englisch
Einband: Massenmarkt-Taschenbuch
Seiten: 192
Datum: 1996-06-01
ISBN: 0590629778
Verleger: Scholastic Paperbacks
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Größe: 5.3 x 7.66 x 0.51 Zoll
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Beschreibung: Product Description
The wildly popular series by K.A. Applegate is back! The first six books of Animorphs return, with striking new lenticular covers that morph.

The Earth is being invaded, but no one knows about it. When Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie, and Marco stumble upon a downed alien spaceship and its dying pilot, they're given an incredible power -- they can transform into any animal they touch. With it, they become Animorphs, the unlikely champions in a secret war for the planet. And the enemies they're fighting could be anyone, even the people closest to them. So begins K.A. Applegate's epic series about five normal kids with a limitless amount of forms and abilities.
Rezension: Selene (Netherlands) (2007/04/23):
What's the story:
There are days when one small decision can change the rest of your life. Jake, Rachel, Cassie, Marco, and Tobias never expected to find anything in the old abandoned construction site except crumbling buildings, trash, and the occasional homeless person - but that was before they saw the strange light in the sky. Before they met a dying alien prince named Elfangor. Before they were given the power to morph into any animal they touched.

Now, these five kids - the Animorphs - are Earth's only hope against a secret invasion by a race of parasitic alien slugs called the Yeerks. Can they face all the surprises that will come - and still have time to be normal kids?
My opinion:
I read this book for the first time 7 years ago. Since then, I've read all the other Animorphs books in existance. I've read this book quite a few times, but it still touches me. Especially knowing what will happen in the following books...

In this book, the Animorphs are formed. Five kids, still in high school, take a short-cut through an old, abandoned construction site. When the alien Andalite ship lands, Jake and the other four meet Elfangor, an Andalite prince. Andalites fight the Yeerks - but Elfangor is wounded and he can't survive this. He tells Jake, Tobias, Cassie, Marco and Rachel as much as he can and gives them the power to morph - before the leader of the Yeerk invasion on Earth lands in his ship.

In the days that follow, they realize what is happening to the humans on Earth. They discover the possibilities and impossibilities of the power Elfangor has given them. They will have to try and find a way to stop the Yeerk invasion with only their ability to morph animals. But Mother Earth has some surprises left...

'Animorphs' is a series consisting of 54 books, plus extra books with side stories telling more about characters etc. There are also 4 'Megamorphs' books, in which each character narrates one chapter. In the normal series, each book is narrated by one character. This book, 'The Invasion', is narrated by Jake.

If you like animals, science fiction, aliens, fantasy, adventure, humor, psychology, or anything else - give this series a try. I certainly wasn't disappointed :)

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